Monday, February 1, 2010

Learning Empathy!

Usually I try to write this blog based off the goofy off the wall things that my kid says...but today I am writting about the spirit and hard work my kid puts in. Over a year ago now, Cody had been recieving therapy from the big Children's Hospital here, and one day he was working hard and crying and he didn't want to do anything anymore. We heard a bunch of "I don't want to" "I can't" coming from him. So I decided then and there that I was going to do something to prove to him that we all have to work hard to accomplish small I decided to learn to run...yes I said LEARN....because previously the most running I did was running 20 feet to get to the stove as the pot overflowed. Fast forward a year, I can now successfully run 3 miles with no problem and currently training to do a half marathon with my aunt in May. Today, Cody started therapy again, with the Easter Seals, as the hospital and I had a difference of opinion with the therapists and their whole philosophy of treating a kid with CP. Not uncommon since every major facility in the country seems to have their own strategy, some work for people...some don't. Today Cody experienced 2 things he hadn't experienced in quite some time, at least 2 years since we've been here in Illinois. He got STRETCHED...real stretches, the way a runner does....but more intense, he would grunt and groan and get mad....but he did it...then he got on the treadmil, now usually I call it the DREADMIL because of how insanely boring it can be to run 3 miles on a belt over and over and over again. But today it was awesome to see him on it.....And he says to me..."see mom now I'm a runner like you" and I about died...I thought HA! I taught HIM something...I really REALLY did. He learned that his mom, me, had inspired him for once, when so many times in his life he has inspired me....I love that little man, and he teaches me with every grunt, with every "OUCH" and with ever smile, what it's like to REALLY put your heart into something, and love unconditionally every single day.

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Anne said...

You are an inspirational, amazing mom. Cody is so lucky to have you (and you are lucky to have him!). I am so proud of you for taking on a challenge, pushing through, and setting a good example for your children. You rock!