Thursday, January 21, 2010


"Ouch...That wasn't suppose to happen" out of the mouth of babes. That is how Cody responded this morning on the way to his room, to retrieve his blanket, and before he could get there he fell. He responded with above mentioned phrase, and got right back up and went on his way, and made it back again without a hitch. Makes me think about how many times in life we all hit a bump and fall.

As adults, we hit a bump, we fall, and we shake that fist at God...or use some choice 4 letter words....we never seem to just pick ourselves up again and move on. We are continually trying to make sense of everything, find a reason for everything, or we try to blame someone else for our problems. We could all learn something from a child who never takes things for granted. We should all be so lucky to look at those bumps in the road of life, and say "well that wasn't suppose to happen" and then just continue on our path.

The one thing I have learned from children, particularly children with special needs is that they never dwell much on the things they can't control, or the things they can't change. Their attitudes are both elementary, and inspiring,....many grown ups, who lose motor function, or have a medical set back, or even a set back that isn't medically related get angry, they always ask why..."why God did you do this to me".....Cody would never even think to ask that question, he is happy in life just the way he is. I envy him and all children like him. They love life...for life....they aren't expecting anything in return, they aren't angry at the world....and I feel lucky that Cody is in my family, because he teaches me more and more every day that we should all be very appreciative for what we have been given, and dwell less on what we have not.

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