Monday, January 25, 2010


That is how I wish to describe this's like some bad Wiley Coyote attempt to catch the Road Runner....Illness has caused an end to our first week back into therapy for Cody in almost 6 months...and for once it's not due to Cody's health, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times therapy has been canceled due to the therapist. So we get up and decide to go to the gym instead, distracting Cody from the fact that he doesn't get to "play" at therapy. As we are walking in the hallway to the their beloved Child Center, we are tailed by 4 little boys and 2 moms...not sure whos kids were whose, but I really don't care. It's what happens next that really makes me wonder about the way people raise their kids, and makes me really ask an even deaper question about humanity in it'self. The 4 boys, all under the age of 5, go running by, almost knocking Cody over. It takes Cody a lot longer to walk to the back of the gym, then it does for most kids, and he's a weeble wobble the whole way, but we let him do it because after all, all he wants is to be like the other kids. So after the boys run passed and are WELL in front of their mothers, instead of saying excuse me, or tell their devient children to get back the moms just push right on through, again, almost knocking Cody down.

Now there are 2 things wrong with this picture, #1-this is the PERFECT example of how some parents really lack discipline for their children..I would NEVER allow my children to push through a crowd to get to a door....our whole civilation is based off waiting turns, and by pushing ahead is no more different then cutting in line. #2-if you are walking down a halway and see a child trying to keep up and walk, you either say EXCUSE me to notify the child that you would like to get by, or you just I don't know have some respect and WAIT....Now when these moms get to the door they sit and wait with the door open for us, and I just couldn't help but think "gee if you were just going to sit here and look at me, was it necessary for you to almost knock over my kid to get there faster? did I miss the memo that we were in a race? And then my wonderful husband says "thanks, but you know we were all going the same place was it necessary for you to be so rude? and almost knock over my son?" the woman said NOTHING...not a thing. No apology, no nothing...Now is it selfish for us to think people should be more considerate of people that are a little slower? I mean seriously?

Which brings us to WOMP WOMP WOMP! after getting home, Cody finally says to me..."mom I thought we were suppose to have therapy today...who cancelled" I said the PT....he then says "Oh...the PT....WOMP WOMP WOMP!" once again this 6 year old can put it in elementary terms for us all to understand...He really says the funniest things sometimes...

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